Saturday, January 12, 2008

Burger After Church

A great CD is "Burger After Church" which I bought right after reading a Washington Post review excerped below:

"The fury began at the outset, with the Waybacks leaping into the instrumental 'Turkish Stalemate' at full gallop, a tune that combines Greek bouzouki tones -- played on dueling mandolins -- with Celtic melodies. Another instrumental, 'Brundlefly,' exploded into a bluesy jam that smashed rock improvisations into a bluegrass setting. A cover of Riders in the Sky's 'Compadres in the Old Sierra Madre,' sung only partly in the traditional 'high lonesome' pitch, morphed into an outrageous take on Texas swing and was highlighted by blistering solos by each player."

How could I resist? Here is the link to The Waybacks, who you should definitely give a listen.


March said...

good food!

Bob Crowley said...

Yes indeed.

You are seeing a Hanapepe burger from The Camp House Grille in Kalaheo Kauai. It is a super greasy burger cooked fast and hot on the grill with teryaki sauce and a slice of pineapple. There is nothing like it anywhere.