Sunday, January 06, 2008

Improvements to Suspension Mounts

You would think that a simple item like a clamp to adjust the angle of a microphone in a mount would be an easy thing to make and have work well.

But it's not. Here is the typical compression type clamp that works by pressing the side of the tang against the inside of the circular plate. Friction is supposed to hold this into position, sort of like a disc brake. But there are several problems: Finger tightening is hard for some people and easy for others, so the amount of force needed to clamp must accommodate the various pressures and still work well. Another is the effect of unscrewing the tightening bolt, which is easy to do as soon as you rotate any part of the clamp. At that point, the clamp loosens suddenly, and the microphone, in our case a heavy microphone, droops. We don't want that.

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