Saturday, January 12, 2008

Naked Eye Ball on a Suspension Mount Ring

We did some more fiddling around with suspension mount designs the other day. Most of you know that we do not, nor do we want to make, suspension mounts. But, when asked by customers to do something new and better, we cannot resist. Here is one such "improvement" if you can call it that. The idea is to get rid of that finger busting wing-shaped thing that most of the mounts come with these days and replace it with a more thumb-friendly sphere, preferably one with some grip, so that users can lock down the up/down angle of the mic with more positive assurance.

The human hand and the wide range of strengths that have to be accommodated make this a more difficult design challenge than one would at first imagine. There are plenty of ham-fisted types who can break the screw right off, and they will, while others cannot seem to muster enough force to get a good clamping action.

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