Sunday, January 27, 2008

Naked Eye Polar Plot

All versions of Naked Eye have this same pattern. Click on it to zoom in. The larger lobe at a given frequency is an indication of higher amplitude at that frequency. One of the nice things about ribbon microphones is that the pattern shape is much the same regardless of the frequency, which means that the useful nulls extend down to the bass region and up to the highest response.

The front of the mic is at the top of the chart. Imagine you are looking down over the top of the Naked Eye. The badge is at zero degrees. People sometimes put on the phones and just turn the mic and speak intit to hear the difference. Don't do that unless you have a phase switch on your preamp, as you will be inverting the phase as you listen, and that will product constructive and destructive interference in your head, which is very confusing. Here is a more thorough discussion of mic phase effects.

Did you know that Naked Eye is available in custom colors? We did up a special green one for Larry Killip in the past. Darron Burke has a specially colored Naked Eye at Makeshift Studio. We also try out wacky virtual color schemes in photoshop.

And here is a real one - in all black! Nice.


Anonymous said...

I see that the nulls are as sharp as ever. Once again Mr C you have defied the conventional theory and moved the art ahead. Kudos


Anonymous said...

bob do you have a plot for the el diablo like this one