Friday, February 22, 2008

77dx on ebay

I put one of the 77DXs up on ebay. This is the one shown with the cat in previous posts. It is a virgin mic, original and perfect ribbon, and very excellent conditions with just a few little marks on it. Before it gets dinged or dented, I want to sell it. We have others and so many olde time ribbon mics here that they are cluttering up the place, and we don't use them. I used to love the 77DX and of course it has a look that is easy to recognize, but the design is dated, and modern ribbons, magnetics and transformers have exceeded the performance if not the adjustability of the 77D and DX. All those shutters and switches are part of the fun and "the paraphernalia of it all", to quote Frank. Time to move on though. The 77DX has a gravelly sound, aggressive and biting at times. It can also sound like a BK5 when in the cardioid position, as it has the same transformer, reactor and some other characteristics. I like it in figure 8, others like it in the so-called "Omni" position.

The omni position on a 77D and Dx gives an amplitude pattern that is omni but a phase pattern that is still 180 degrees apart front to back. Very unlike a small condenser omni.

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