Saturday, February 16, 2008

Alien Microphones and SETI

Looking like a row of pop filters and mics, these dish antennas are listening for extraterrestrial signals. I have a hunch that we will hear about the discovery of distant intelligent radio signals before too long. They could be communications and signaling systems that we don't recognize, or, they could be amplitude modulated signals of alien voices through alien microphones and alien solid state or even tube technology, or something else.

SETI is the group of believers, and they have an interesting website worth looking at.

Of course, it might take a lot longer for SETI to get the first signal. After all, here on Planet Earth, we've only been sending out "intelligent" RF signals for about 100 years, which is only long enough to propagate to but a couple of other star/planet systems.

The press tells you we are in "The Information Age". Ha! People a couple of hundred years ago will call today "The Combustion Age", when virtually all of mankind's efforts were fueled by the burning of something already lying around.

I hope we got out of The Combustion Age ASAP. Nuclear fusion is still a long way off, but considerable effort and money is still being put into it, as it holds the promise of cheap, limitless energy with zero pollutants. The world economy may have to pass through the Mad Max era first, but if we survive it, then the shift in global economic power will be profound, solve a lot of problems, and certainly produce some new ones. Inexorable change naturally forces obsolescent
technologies out. Either they expire on their own, or some new thing comes in to replace them. How many computer CRTs are being sold today? Reel-to-Reel tape recorders? The telephone as we knew it is a certain goner. How about cars, oil burners, MP3s and iPods? What about others making music for you to listen to? Are the days of Lovewhip numbered? See here. Click on Ramona!, and have a conversation with her.

Anyway, apparently, SETI thinks that an RCA44 ribbon microphone, or something like it, is a good symbol for their organization.

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