Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Larry Killip's "I wanna be Free" hits Top Spot on Cashbox

Larry's done it.
Here's the link.

Wonderful to watch the successes of friends.

Click on this link to see Larry recording his number one with Naked Eye.

Here is a piece in the NZ press about Larry's Number One.


Lynn Fuston said...

It would be brazen of me to point out that he's singing into the null of microphone, wouldn't it? Sort of like those pictures of singers singing into the top of U87s. But at least we can see the logo. ;-)

Bob Crowley said...

Yep, that's a little advertising for us.

Larry is a great friend, and and knowing him, I'm sure he realized the opportunity to show the logo while the photog was shooting.

He certainly knows his front lobe from his back - check out his site on ribbon mics!

LarryK said...

Well spotted that person, guilty as but needs must.