Wednesday, February 20, 2008

RF Barrier - Hum Killer!

A package of RF Barrier material that is the most formable, conformal, hand shapable and versatile RF and hum shielding material I know of.

RF Barrier is a multilayer conductive material that looks like aluminum foil but won't rip or tear, and can be formed to fit around pickups, into cavities in electric guitars such as this Fender Stratocaster, put inside the cases of vintage keyboards, in amps and in any plastic enclosure that needs some extra protection from RF, AC, noises and cellphones.

I'm so happy with this stuff that I put it up in big 48" square sheets, so there is plenty for several projects. It is more conductive than any paint, and easier to apply than copper foil. Both sides conduct, unlike foil with glue already on it. Adhesives prevent good electrical contact. I use RF Barrier with Automotive GOOP. It can also be applied to a surface sprayed with adhesive, and allowing some overlap and completely covering the back of the pickguard seals the pickups and reduces hum.

It's on ebay. Also, we have it here.

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