Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How Much Longer?

The proportion of mics ordered with Roswellite is increasing.

On the left, a pile of aluminum ribbons. They look very decorative and remind me of the tinsel we used to put on the Christmas tree. We'd put gobs of tinsel on, so much that the tree would look like an old Savanna gum or swamp cyprus covered with greybeards.


Anonymous said...

You are saying that aluminum ribbons are obsolete, but waht about the thousands of ribbons out there?

Anonymous said...

I guess his argument is that Roswellite has the same sound with none of the fragility issues, so why choose something that could bend, break, or distort over its lifetime?

Bob Crowley said...

There you go. Now the only barrier is cost and getting the word out.

1. Do enough people recognize the advantage.

2. Can they affort the price in return for the benefits.