Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Male XLR Pinout - Solder Side

The topic of phase comes up all the time on the boards and the term "pin 2 high" is used a lot. What that means is the first impulse that the A side of the mic hears, produces a positive-going voltage on pin 2. On many mics wired incorrectly, the phase is reversed. I am a firm believer that preamps should have a phase reversal switch for several practical reasons, incorrect wiring not being one of them in particular.

Canon was the originator of the XLR connector, and like anything, has some history, which you can read about here.

There have been various stories about the origin of the XLR designation. Certain people have suggested, strongly, that it was a stereo designation, X being the center, and LR being Left and Right.

But the reality seems to be much less glamorous: It seems that the L stands for "Latching" because the first of the series pulled apart far too easily, and the R stands for "Rubber" which was added as a strain relief. X series connector, with a Latch and a Rubber, is now standard in virtually all microphone cables.

Like the Poco horse, lore and certain doubts surround the origin of the XLR

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