Saturday, March 15, 2008

XLR Connectors: Switchcraft

Here is a Switchcraft flush mount XLR that can be used in a microphone. It looks like the same Rickshaw Records specifies for his home made ribbon mic.

Here is a great die-cast old Shure 55C!

The body is made of a chrome plated die-cast metal. Die casting is consistent, and can be economical and effective, and cost much less than machining. In metal die-casting, an alloy of metals containing various elements such as tin, aluminum, antimony, and even lead are introduced into a mold under pressure as a hot liquid. The liquid cools and the part hardens. After that it is cleaned of flash, which are burrs and edges. and then either anodized or plated for the most part, though they can be painted, powder coated etc. See "More on Die Casting"

The XLR must be conductive so it contacts and shields. The greenish plastic is important: Cheap XLRs use a type of ABS - essentially styrene - that is piezoelectric, and that can introduce noise and unwanted microphonics. The plastic itself becomes a transducer! We don't want that, so we use this one.

Here is the link to the XLR Mothership, which George Clinton hasn't seen yet.

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