Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Modded "Black" head-type

After playing around with this mic I decided we had better just finish it up, and let that be it.

This one did get a Roswellite Ribbon that exceeds the performance of the original. The transformer size and the acoustics are still a limiting factor.

We powder coated this mic a nice, satin black, and it looks ok. Also added an angle dial to the base, and plugged it right into the test block for some measurements.


Lynn Fuston said...

But how does it sound?

Bob Crowley said...

It doesn't sound any different from stock as far as I can discern, except the dynamic range has been extended by 20 dB or more. So it sounds the same except on percussive sounds that are loud. We find Roswellite always sounds the same in the range that a "foil" ribbon operates in, and the plus is the extra headroom.

Rick Wilkinson said...

Upon rebuild, did you discover if it has 2 wires from the motor, or is the chassis the "second wire?"

Does powdercoating change the timbre or resonance of the mic chassic or screen?

- Rick

Bob Crowley said...

It has one wire to the insulated hot connection and another grounded to the frame.

The powdercoat material we use is a very thin two part epoxy that adds very little thickness to a part. I would not expect any timbre change. If there were pronounced resonances, which I didn't sweep for, then mass-loading whatever is resonant will at least lower its Q and resonance point a little. In any case after getting into it I decided not to do any more work on this one.

Anonymous said...

Could you tell us what the cost of these would be in quantities of 100? Just curious.

Bob Crowley said...

We don't sell these nor do we plan to. This is just an experiment on a sample we were sent. Thanks, Bob

Roddy said...

Judging by looks alone, I wouldn't have thought the acoustic design would be that bad as far as the body is concerned. The main limitation for this sort of mic would most likely be the ribbon foil and transformer. Incidentally, Beyer made some rather good ribbon transformers in my opinion which are also very small.



Bob Crowley said...

Hi Roddy,

Hope all is well at BBC.
The acoustics are governed here by the shape and dimensions of the motor unit and any intervening materials. In this case, there are no intervening materials save the two damping screens. I don't want to go too much into an analysis of this product since it is being offered by someone else. Also, suffice to say that I have gone on at length about transformers in many previous posts.

Good to hear from you.