Sunday, June 01, 2008

EndoSonic Innuendo!

Here is a picture of an old brochure from Boston Scientific showing an ultrasound catheter that Hugh and I developed depicted in something that could be an esophageal stricture. Nice eh?

The artist who did this is a great painter and I cannot remember her name right now. In any case, what you are being shown is a cutaway view of a muscular lumen flanked with what looks to be veins in blue and arteries in red. Somebody tell me where I am in this one!

The catheter is made of plastic and that little umbrella thing is a way to show the scanning of a very small ultrasound transducer that spins inside of the plastic, and projects an ultrasound beam at the tissue, and that produces a cross section image. Doctors use that image to see blockages and plan their next course of action.

This thing is from the mid 90s and is an antique. We are getting back into this field in a big way soon, and that's on reason why I have slacked off a bit on the blog. By the way, I think this is post number 476!

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