Sunday, June 22, 2008

Analog Planet

There are many motifs being developed today to reflect the appeal of hollow state and vintage recording devices, tube technology, and the styles that grew up with them. Drew Townson isn't a dealer of Crowley and Tripp but I thought that you ought to see this symmetrical, formal Art Deco or Art Moderne (more like it) inspired logo he has developed. It seems to me to have a blend of the Collins winged emblem and Fritz Laing's Metropolis in there, specifically, Maria's "body panels". The bisected reverse neon saturn, shown edge-on, is a nicely atomic, simple and sharp. We use a similar vertically extended font which is stylized and often associated with pre-war advertising.

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Drew Townson said...

The logo was designed by myself, along with Cameron Smith and Jon Cahill of Stellio, LLC. I said I wanted it to actually look like a 3-dimensional sign, that one might have seen during the golden age of radio in NYC, Hollywood, Gotham City or Metropolis. Like a Marquee. I used the Radio City sign and the Chrysler building as examples, I wanted that polished steel frame and then a die-cut, back lit sign. Add a touch of Jetsons, with the sign/billboard floating in space. Those guys took it from there, and I do think it came out magnificently. Exquisitely "ANALOG"