Monday, June 16, 2008

Darron and Wes at PotLuckCon

Michael Chiriac (Cascade Microphones) was kind enough to send me this nice shot of Darron Burke (Makeshift Studio, Boston) and Wes Dooley (AEA) in front of the Crowley and Tripp table last week.

Darron brought along his DB-1, which was, secretly, the very first Naked EYe with Roswellite, but in another color, and we didn't tell Darron, just asked him to give it a try. He brought along the Roswellite Phantom Menace (tm) Video too, and played it on his Mac, to the astonishment of those who know what happens to ribbons that are stretched so far they pop out of the magnet structure. Fortunately, for this Roswellite demo, the ribbon just snaps back and recovers its shape, which it is designed to do.

We had a good time at this show which is always a friendly one with plenty of conviviality.

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