Saturday, June 14, 2008

Headphone Measurements from McGill

Here is an interesting set of measurements of popular "pro" headphones from McGill University that will send curvemeisters spinning.

Look at what they got from the MDR 7506. Compare that with the Bose. The slopes are so radically different that it is no wonder we are hearing absurdly high freq EQ and mastering treatment in some recordings.

On the other hand, one could question the measurement methods. You decide

Here it is.


Anonymous said...

Well if they used the same method on all of the headphones it is pretty clear that these headphones are not very flat or very much like each other. And further each headphone would sound quite different. This is quite a provocative inquiry.

Bob Crowley said...

We find the same thing with headphones then wonder how the published specs look so flat.

But measurement techniques have a lot to do and the B&K "head" was never designed for near field testing, and there could be all kinds of cavity, proximity, reflection and other error producing things going on.

Curvemeisters go crazy over all this stuff, but the point of course is that we use these phones all the time, especially the Sonys. They are everywhere.