Sunday, June 01, 2008

This is where Potluck Con will not be

We're headed to Nawlins this year for the continuation of the dubiously named TapeOpCon that is now even more puzzlingly named Potluck Con. If you didn't know all about it, you'd think it was a food show. Perhaps this year it will be!

New Orleans is so famous for its food that for years the society of gasteroenterologists has their big meeting there every year, and called it "Digestive Disease Week". What a party that was!

I must admit I will miss Tucson, dry and parched, the big sky and the numerous hummingbirds at the golfie resort hotel el Conquistador where Tape Op Con was held for two years. It was a funny site to see all the black garbed basement studio types exposed to Tucson's blazing sun,but they got used to it, and last year the outdoor concert, the firepit cocktail fest, and the overall scene was just wonderful. And not all that terribly hot either.

The report from New Orleans: Today, 90, nighttime low, 77, humidity 70% and very muggy. Tomorrow, more of the same. Next week, the same, plus some thunderstorms. Highs near 93.

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