Friday, July 18, 2008

Ajax Ray O Vaque Schedules New Release

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From Anthony Resta's Blog:

"Wednesday, July 16, 2008

new ajax ray o vaque cd release date

July 2008

This thanksgiving...Ajax Ray O Vaque will release (the much anticipated by white dwarf stars everywhere) his follow-up to the critically forgotten "Demos of Saturn" recordings that defined the sci-fi mambo sound.

The album will be released on thanksgiving day 2008 unless an asteroid with the name "Earth" embroidered
on its jacket collides with and subsequently destroys all that we see, feel, know, think, etc...

Side effects may include extinction after bouncing around the universe like a superball. (this includes your basketball-like head that the universe will quickly slam dunk through a black hole of bad sitcom t.v.)

If you are one of those hypo talka talka radio dj heads who has assigned yourself importance after laughing at 89 percent of your dumb jokes, your head will fly further than the average joes...

skull cracking earth crushing joke stopping asteroid impact = no cd release or thanksgiving.

Too much peering through the Hubble telescope and not enough "*******" make ajax a dull sci-fi mambo

Prepare for sonic alchemy or to join the ranks of fossils!!!!


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