Thursday, July 31, 2008

Questions and comments

From gearslutz: So it seems that the NE is a great mic for electric guitars. But how do you like it for acoustic stringed instruments (steel- and nylon string guitars, mandolin, violin)? Is the NE less noisy than e.g. a AEA R84 (often I record very quiet sources using a Forsell SMP-2 pre)? Have you tried M/S with the NE (I know due to it's dual voicing it's not ideal for this)? Are there better ribbons for this than the NE (or the NE roswellite)? Has anbody compared the NE to a Royer (R122, R121 or SF1)?

Would you prefer the roswellite over the classic for this applications (if yes: why?)?


I use mine for classical guitar and also the Japanese end blown flute. Both are soft instruments. I know violin players who will only use Naked Eye.

The NE classic and Ros are less noisy than the 84, and have more output.

I tried NE on blumlien and it works ok. I don't see any reason that it would not work in M-S though there may be timbre differences across the sound field. There are more symmetrical "better" mics such as the Proscenium.

I have compared them to the 121. As far as tone goes, the front of the Naked Eye is quite similar in tone to a 121. The back is far brighter. Naked Eye Roswellite has a much higher SPL and dynamic range.

The Naked Eye classic has a self noise of about 13 dB and the Roswellite version is about 1 dB more than that as it has a slightly higher terminal Z. I prefer the Roswellite version as it has a much stronger ribbon and will be worth more in the future, but in quiet situations it is very hard to tell the two apart.

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