Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First ever Naked Eye

Labeled "BBob" after REI started sending me flyers and ads with that name on it. I used it for anything new after their mistake persisted, as they must have sold my name to other retailers and credit card companies and I still get mail addressed to "BBob".

This is the original gray color that Naked Eye started with but in the photos it turned a green/blue shade that we liked and eventually duplicated.

This was my first Naked Eye, made it essentially for my own use and with the idea that one side could be rather bright like a quality condenser and the other more neutral to dark like a lot of ribbon mics are. Still have it. We have sold a ton of Naked Eyes and it is becoming a standard, with the only real decision being whether to pay the extra for Roswellite so you never have to worry about reribboning. I think that is definitely worth it, if only to remove the last morsel of doubt anyone may have about using a ribbon on stage (thick ribbons don't help very much) and where the so-called "patchbay incident" can still occur, which stretches a number of conventional "foil" ribbons that are out in the realm. Manufacturers make no money on doing a reribboning job under warranty, and in fact it probably costs about $100, so it was time for an improvement.

We will see you at AES in San Francisco! What new products will there be?

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