Sunday, October 26, 2008

The "T"

If you visit Boston you will inevitably encounter the "T" or nowadays, the MBTA. But don't go by this old map. Several of the stations shown on this 70s-era T placard are gone or have changed names, and some new lines have been added, such as the Silver line. I grew up riding the Green Line, mainly into Kenmore Square near Fenway Park, or to Park Street to change over to the Red Line, and get to Harvard Square. "The Square" as it was called, was filled with little restaurants, bookstores, and record shops and other businesses that made it a destination. Now Harvard Square is mainly occupied by banks, and of course, Harvard. Out of Town News is closing because nobody buys print magazines anymore, nor do they seem to need today's The New York Times - it's all on line.

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