Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Lost Tape - Found

WThe very first recording I did with Stan Ambrose was of a fusion group led by Mark Zamcheck on Fender Rhodes and Lee Gesmer on guitar, Gian Caterine, bass, (now John Cate), and Joe Cartier on drums, later with Paul Freidlander (deceased) a great guitarist.

We let someone borrow the original, shown here on 1/4" 1 and 1/2 mil Scotch tape, recorded at 7 1/2 ips using two Sony dynamics, an EV 664, and a Shure mixer.

Though it is noisy, it is still one of my favorite "basement" recordings. Of course the playing was good and the compositions more advanced than anything EST would have done at that age.

We looked all over and finally found out that Jon Oshima had kept it safe (actually this is a second gen tape, we came to realize) all these years. Now transcribed to digital, it is circulating again, the cover of the CD the very same as you see here.

We have no idea who Pam Judson is.

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