Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Today's Doings

I went to art school to learn how to paint artistic images, do sculpture, ceramics, machine art, and a few other things.

Logo painting was not in the curriculum.

This is the scene today as we catch up on logo painting prior to AES. I'm about to head out the door but thought you'd like to see that my hand-eye coordination isn't completely shot - not yet at least. I don't paint many logos these days, I admit.

AES and any trade show is a bit of a grind. Potluck and Tapeop were a lot of fun and easy to do, because they are casual affairs. At the large centers such as the Moscone Center you have to deal with the various departments in the facility who provide such niceties as electric power, a carpet over the cement space, and other things at extra charge over the exhibitor fee we pay to AES.

You should see the chaos ahead of the show as exhibitors set up booths and get everything wired up. Then there is the show, and all is nice and neat. The second the show closes, off go most of the lighting in the hall (to save energy costs) and also the AC for the same reason, the carpets get rolled up immediately, and the pandemonium of breakdown and pack up and ship out begins.

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