Friday, December 05, 2008


Each Naked Eye Ribbon Microphone comes with one of these knurled fittings made of chrome plated brass with a female thread of 5/8-27 and a male thread of 3/8-16. We continue to use the English system in most, but not all, of what we do. Although metric is convenient, it lacks the tradition, history, and most important - the human scale of the English system, which is being outlawed in England!

But not here. In America, we can use cubits if we like. (Though ISO and ANSI would give us some trouble).


Seaver Leslie is the head of Americans for Customary Weight and Measures. The idea is that the scale and proportions of everything around us are greatly influenced by the measurement systems used. For instance, a pound of ham, or a kilo of ham - very different. A 4 by 8 sheet of plywood just isn't the same in metric proportions. It's not about numbers, but art, culture, and history. The English system is scaled to humans. The metric system is scaled to the globe - also valid, but I think quite a bit less connected personally.

Don't get me wrong, I am not some Luddite who clings to the old or doctrinaire. On the contrary, we seek out the new, unusual and useful, and work in microns all the time, and nanometers and Kilohertz and other metricized quantities as we wish, all the time.

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