Friday, December 26, 2008

Ice Dams

Here in beautiful Ashland MA we have the usual wintry freezing snowy weather known in the high latitudes. Last week we got about 18" of powder over a two-day period and it was cold, so all the melting snow on the metal roof of Soundwave Research Plaza hardened into an icy mass, and backed up through the roof, then down two floors to the machine shop.

Here is a Haas MiniMill being protected by a 0.002" thick PE film. You gotta love polymeric films. Their impervious nature is exactly what is needed for all kinds of products and applicances in so many fields.

Or, you can use them to deflect water. Note the missing ceiling tile in the upper left. This fell in a sudden gooey plop just as I approached it. I had just come from Shaw's parking lot, where a woman hit me with her car while I was walking in the lot. Wham! That hurt. Then she called 911 and reported "...a man on the ground in the parking lot". Indeed! Talk about personal responsibility! Enough ranting for the moment. Merry Christmas!

2009 - the year of Roswellite.

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Anonymous said...

You could have been killed. That would have sucked.

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