Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mr. Peabody and the WayBack Machine

Peabody here.

Sherman, set the WayBack machine to when we first released the Studio Vocalist and place the link here.

Mr. Peabody, the glasses-wearing beagle/academic, was one of my favorite characters on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

In Massachusetts, we have a town named Peabody, and a frequent visitor to the blog from Peabody. Except here we say "Peebidee" like chickadee, not "Pea Body". That Boston accent will mess with you if you don't know. We also have a town named Billerica, pronounced "Bill Ricka". Many newcomers have wondered who this Bill Ricka was.

Paying attention? Heads up on "foils". It is illogical for us to offer anything but the best to our customers. Since the success of Roswellite, and its several very obvious advantages, we are going to switch over to an all Roswellite product line in 2009. Naked Eye Roswellite together with el Diablo are a success, and account for most of our sales today. Naked Eye Roswellite's nearest price competitor is a "foil" mic that costs more, so we more often than not get the sale in a competitive situation. The Naked Eye Classic will become the Fender Broadcaster of Crowley and Tripp, and appreciate in value over time. El Diablo is available in a couple of different finishes, and at AES we showed Studio Vocalist Roswellite. Technology moves forward and so must we. Now that the new technology is in place, and everything is set, getting it to the customer has become the priority. Getting anything "in the channel" is crucial to commercial success of course, especially as production quantities increase. There are several traditional ways and some nontraditional ways to do this. We tend to follow what we have learned from past successes in the medical device industry.


Anonymous said...

the end of "foils"?

Bob Crowley said... tires with tubes, the floppy disc, and the telegram all had their day.

Candles and oil lamps were the thing to use for reading until the light bulb came in.

Anonymous said...


I noticed your post and added a note and a link to it on my forum. We all knew it was coming....


Anonymous said...

Since Naked Eye Roswellite is one hundred dollars less than the Royer, whilst having the fear of phantom power and wind gusts eliminated, I can see how you are outselling them by such a wide margin in the EU. Our school of course selected Roswellite because now we can let all the students learn on ribbon microphones, whereas before they could not.

Cheers Bob and Congratulations - Brian M