Friday, December 26, 2008

What is B Stock?

Sometimes you hear about deals on so-called "B Stock" items and you might wonder what it is.

A B-Stock product is a product that for some reason cannot be sold as "New". B Stock includes used items that have been returned, or defective items that have been fixed. Often in places like you will see items listed as "refurbished". This is essentially the same as B Stock in that the item has been checked by someone and usually carries a "new" warranty, but not always.

B Stock items might have small marks, wear, be missing some packaging, or have other minor defects that may be visible or invisible. It could also be items that made it to the package but fail in other ways, such as cosmetic marks, or have some other small-ish problem. How important is that? High speed tires = important. Galvanized pails, who cares?

So if you see "B Stock" or refurbished, you can equate that with "used". Used is not necessarily bad. How many of us have brand new everything in our lives? Not many. I personally could be considered "used" but perhaps not completely used up.

I like to think the B stands for something different! A male cow, a large sausage! Why don't they just say used? That car on the lot - "previously owned".

We don't sell anything marked "B Stock". This probably does not surprise you.

There is also a class of stock called "Class B Stock" that has nothing to do with products. It is a type of share that founders of companies sometimes have that brings special privileges or powers. That's not what this post is about

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