Thursday, January 22, 2009

Don't move here

Do not move to Kauai. It is a terrible place to be, with little to do except play the Japanese end-blown flute, or shakuhachi, and endure the endless sun and trade winds.


Lynn Fuston said...

I was wondering where you had been. I'm surprised you came back to Boston and the snow.

Regan said...

nicely done bob

Sean said...

This blog entry angers me. Deeply.

Where I lived previously, any snow that fell was simultaneously plowed into Jersey and the winters were short.

Mass? Not so much.

Bob Crowley said...

Another foot of the white stuff coming in a day or two. But May is only three months away, all will be well, and we can forage in the forest once again.

Shakuhachi is an instrument of Zen meditation. Breathe deeply, say OOOOmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, you're rubbin it in.

Bob Crowley said...

I see this blog post linked in a flame thread on Gearslutz. Nice going.

We never set out to conform with the standards of anyone, except our own standards of creativity, innovation, and progress. This disturbs some people.

My biggest surprise in the mic exercise was how resistant to change many art and music people are, how cemented to the past they can be. It is tempting to draw a conclusion from this, but fortunately we do still have some good art and music being made. Online discussions still comprise a quite small proportion of the real bulk of music production, and the industrial market that supports it, that is actually being done, and they are often skewed, so the only valid tests are product sales, and these are never published.

Independence, and freedom of action, and expression in our world of credit card workaday dependencies and rules are still possible, if your mind is open to change.