Tuesday, January 06, 2009

X-ray Head Holders

This is an actual product shot of vacuum head holders made and sold in the 70s used for positioning heads and other body parts on an X-ray table. It is important to have the correct orientation and position on the table to get a good, clear X-ray image.

These were manufactured in Needham MA on Hillside Avenue for many years at Scholz X-ray Corp. I worked there while attending college designing and making other types of X-ray equipment such as spot film apparatus, and collimator controls, which led to other products used in Radiology, such as ultrasound, then acoustics in general, catheter ultrasound known as IVUS (which we invented as used today) and then made a left turn over to microphones while working on 3VUS.http://soundwaveresearch.com

The pearls, and her calm, vacuous expression, somehow perfectly match the function of the device.

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