Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Last Bikini Logo

I'm certain that I only painted a small portion of the many mics that were built by Des, who assembled and tested every production Crowley and Tripp Ribbon Microphone made.

Here's a shot of my ready, steady hand and a pointy brush trying to stay within the lines. Each Soundstage Image, Studio Vocalist, Proscenium, and el Diablo microphone was individually hand-painted by one of us. The Mercenary Edition el Diablo with the red and yellow inpainting was the most labor-intensive, taking about two hours total to complete the job.

The bikini logo was developed by Shane Estock and refined by Philip Lampe, then incorporated via laser etch or by cliosonne emblem on every mic we made. Chris Regan often did artwork layouts and proofs, Hugh Tripp got the proofs to the engraver and supervised the work, and Desiree would often fix the mistakes that the laser engraver would make, if possible. I painted a few and developed the idea of having a round negative space adjacent to the generally triangular, usually red logo. Rare green logos were hand painted to designate a few of the Roswellite versions of the stainless steel models such as SSI, PRC or SV, and I think I have one more unpainted body, which perhaps might get a blue bikini, or some other color for the Summer, which is fast approaching.

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