Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Goodbye Analog from Ernest Tubb


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to feel like my grandfather. He worked 45 years for the Santa Fe, started when he was 14 shoveling coal on steam locomotives, retired when the diesels came in. Said it wasn't railroading any more.

I started in television engineering in 1962. First two stations I worked at were all vacuum tubes. Still had iconoscope on B&W film chain. 2" videotape Ampex VR 1000, ran on vacuum and compressed air. TK-41 color cameras, never twice the same color. UHF transmitter used steam cooling on the klystrons. Got paid $1.35/hr.

Good-Bye Analog. Doesn't seem like broadcasting anymore.

At least I didn't have to shovel coal.

Regan said...

I love a little nostalgia, but I think 'ole Hank may be more appropriate here: