Thursday, June 18, 2009

KSM313 looks familiar to me!

What have we here? Very handsome indeed, with the very cool logo which to me looks like some kind of ribbon motif.

Shure Inc. is the first major microphone manufacturer to re-enter the ribbon market. Roswellite is such a durable ribbon material that it passes Shure's incredibly high durability standards.

All in all, a perfect match.

It is indeed very satisfying to see Naked Eye graduate into the global marketplace - sort of like signing with a big label, when that still meant something. Even though "things will never be the same", that's what change and success are made of.

Our world is ever changing. Static, unchanging brands and technologies will always be threatened by the inexorable change that time alone brings upon us. That's why I try to be on the side of making change, rather than reacting to it, and see the completion of one change as simply the beginning of yet another.

Here is a link to the product on Shure's website


Anonymous said...


Bob and Hugh you won the race. Congratulations and don't look back.

You Know Who

Regan said...

I will miss the bikini, which has gone the way of schultz x-ray.

Shure logo looks sharp though, and the black/red of Naked Eye Roswellite has been quite faithfully reproduced, kudos to the shure design guys.

How much?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob.. congratulations firstly!! But when you say 'things will never be the same', how same are they? The 313 certainly looks the part.. have you been really impressed with the results Shure have come out with in use?

Bob Crowley said...

I assume they are identical except for the logo. They should be, since the same tools, methods, materials and secret recipes are used.

But things cannot be the same in ribbon microphone land now that a large maker with global reach and a superior, disruptive technology is in the marketplace. I would think that foils at the low end will still do well, but not at the higher end of the price/quality spectrum, where foils won't be good enough any more.Think of the MPE programs at all the schools where underclassmen are rough with the equipment, and the many live venues where ribbons are wanted, along with others who are tired of tip toeing around ribbons like they are lit candles. That had to end.

That's what I meant.

Anonymous said...

As an educator I can see that this is the solution to many music production and engineering programs who cannot at present let the students use the ribbon mics. Now they can give a ribbon mic to a freshman, and not worry at all. This is extremely important.

rfelb said...

Bob, i just went ahead and bought a KSM 313 for live use! I finaly have that tone coming through the speakers that i hear when i stand next to my electric amp... you're my hero.