Thursday, July 30, 2009

Aluminum - a new state of matter

Just when you thought that spintronics and quasi-crystalline transistor fields were the new states of matter, along comes another new state of matter - Transparent Aluminum.

But the transparent aluminum, which is made by blasting regular "foils" with soft X-rays, doesn't stick around very long. In fact it only lasts about 40 Femtoseconds, or a little less.

So much for "foils" in this universe. Physics has proven it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the "first light" which emits from an atomic bomb as the fission/fusion begins, and before the bomb components and the casing dis-assembles. With enough energy, I suppose anything becomes transparent before it evaporates.

Bob Crowley said...

Yes it does. I wonder if instantaneous dissolution from high energy is really a state. I would think it is the transition from the solid to the gas state. Is fire a state of matter? We think of it as a chemical reaction.

Funny that they used aluminum foil which is our favorite example of something that can be destroyed too easily.

I want to see a 121 and a KSM 313 head to head on a 135 dB source at 40Hz.