Sunday, September 27, 2009

Videosphere, Transmitters and Racks

Here is a shot of a JVC Videosphere from 1970 hanging from the ceiling of my ham shack.  JVC, Sony and many other Japanese electronics manufacturers responded to the 1969 moon landing motifs - known as "Apollo Style" - with rounded, helmet shaped radios and TVs. Lots of other products of the early 70s echoed the rounded corners, truncated pyramids and strut motifs found on the Lunar Module.

You can just see two 1976 bicentennial candlestick telephones.  The one on the left is a genuine Western Electric telephone, its identity given away by the enlarged base needed to house the then obligatory telephone inductors, and the one on the right is actually a transistor radio.

Two 19" rack cabinets holding various things including a Johnson Valiant 100W AM transmitter, SP600 reciever, James Millen scope, Tektronix mainframe scope, audio processing equipment and power supplies. To the left is an ersatz Collins 30S-1, build from scratch by superb homebrewer Ken W1RIL.  Better than any Collins, this clone easily puts out 2500 Watts of RF, if told to do so.

The Z-stool is original and not a repro.

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Chris Regan said...

Nice. Epic view of the ham pad.