Thursday, October 08, 2009

FUBAR III Headphone Amplifier

Apparently just in time for the Holiday Season is this nicely knobbed FUBAR III headphone amplifier.

I assume that FUBAR had a FUBAR 1 and 2 that preceded the III, but I never spotted it before today.  Companies sometimes spend a lot of effort on naming their products, or, like us, let the customers make suggestions.  If that was the case with the FUBAR III, then you should know what FUBAR has stood for since at least World War II.

FUBAR - acronym

Army definition -- Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

FUBAR is a close cousin to SNAFU.  Hopefully, new owners of the FUBAR III won't have one. FUBARITE, the mineral is also interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I would have a problem buying a device named FUBAR. It is not a good name for a product. There was a lot of buyer resistance for the horrifically styled AMC Gremlin because many who lived through WWII remembered that gremlins were not positive influences.

Maybe it is a bad Chinese interpretation?