Monday, December 28, 2009

Bob Crowley explains how to hook up an Argonne AR-57 to a Zenith Clock Radio

Something about that AR-57 dual crystal micro phone caught my eye early, and the $3.89 price tag at Lafayette Radio Electronics helped too.  Here I am explaining to cousins Cathy and Bobbie how you can get a regular tube-type clock radio to act like a PA system.

If you look closely, you can see the perforated back of the transformerless, hot chassis radio placed loosely so that the interlock cord still connected power with most of the back open. The ability to electrocute oneself at a young age is a right we have apparently lost with the advent and widespread use of wall warts to power everything.  Existential risks aside, coupling the high impedance of the Argonne AR-57 dual crystal element to various points in the radio - would give interesting and sometimes loud, feedback generating results, which were fine since  "Paperback Writer" was playing on WBZ's Nightline Show with Dick Summer at the time, along with much other pyschedelia like The Beacon Street Union, and The Ultimate Spinach.

The way to do it, if you must, is to connect two series caps of 600V to each microphone lead, one to the chassis, the other to a stick as a probe.  Turn the radio on and find the detector, and that will work. Listen for your own voice, or loud feedback.

It was Winter, but the window was cracked open enough to let various antenna feedlines through the opening and over to a shortwave radio - a Hallicrafters S-38, which I still have.  Actually a lot of that junk you see in the background is still in place at my mother's house, another time capsule.

Location: Newton Centre MA, off Langley Rd, near the Hammond Pond Woods.

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Great shot of the young Bob Crowley doing the things that he still does. Your poor mother......