Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Post of this blog? #663 (at least for a while)


663 posts! That's a lot. On to


Scissors MacGillicutty said...

I hope it's not the last post! I'm very excited by the 55 project--I used to be an active amateur photographer and I'm very saddened at the lost of some of the beautiful Polaroid materials, especially the instant 35mm slide films--and can understand that becoming your main pursuit right now, but I hope occasionally some matter microphonic will catch your attention and inspire you to post here. In the few years that recording has been my chief avocational interest, you're doubtless one of the few people I've read who really understands mics (I'm not someone with any background in physics or electrical engineering, but your writings here and your long interview with Lynn Fuston indicated to you are someone who relies on the scientific method rather than techo-mythology [for example, "Nothing will ever sound as good as an old RCA ribbon, maaaaan."] and can explain complex matters to a layperson gracefully and thoroughly). There are perhaps less than ten others who seem to be in your league, and that estimate may be too high.

But just as I'll remain a regular user of my Naked Eyes, I'll be a regular reader at your new blog. Here's to the renaissance of the ribbon microphone and the rebirth of type 55 film!

Bob Crowley said...

Scissors - get yourself an old Polaroid folding type packfilm camera - they are everywhere and are nice! - and get some Fuji 100c, which is cheaper than Polaroid ever was, and prepare to be amazed!

As you already know from following this blog, we have always depended on others who share our enthusiasm for what can be made better, or more meaningful, and of course more fun!

Thanks for the very nice comments, and let's see what happens in the optical domain while we listen to some music.


Anonymous said...


You still look pretty good!

You know who

Anonymous said...

...that's a sad day, Bob. I enjoyed so much coming to this place, again and again...;-)

kenast said...

...that's a sad day, Bob. I enjoyed so much coming to this place, again and again...;-)

Bob Crowley said...

Don't believe everything you read! Just today I wrote a press release for Anthony J Resta and Coby Grant - where shall I post it? Also, who knows what the future will hold?

But I am thinking about images, image forming, and some other new ideas, like energy harvesting. If that starts up, I will certainly be putting it here.