Thursday, February 04, 2010

Lombardo, Clapton, Now

Captive members of The Baby Boom know we must exit planet earth before pop culture time distortions in the media can effectively dissipate.

In simpler terms, there is this iPhone ad with Eric Clapton on TV.  Apple makes it, and pushes it effectively.

Guy Lombardo (look him up) peaked in 1947. Clapton peaked two decades after that in 1967.  Let's see...77,87, 97, 07 +3 - that's 43 years til now, more than twice the Lombardo-Clapton scale.

Just sayin.


Regan said...

Point of clarification, it's a T-Mobile ad for a "myTouch 3G Fender Edition", not an iphone.

I think that licensing deal reinforces the common theme that guitar enthusiasts have money to burn and crave association and indoctrination in their instrument brands. i.e you will never see a Steinway branded cellphone for piano players or zildjian for drummers

Bob Crowley said...

Well then they really blew it if this baby boomer didn't even notice which phone it is.

Anyway, another 20 years or so, this will be over.

Anonymous said...

Lombardo and Clapton may have peaked in '47 and '67 resp. but they were and are influencial for much longer periods. I kind of miss New Years Eve with Guy Lombardo. Guy was a favorite with a lot o folks well into the '70s and I still like to hear Clapton these days. N1IPP

Bob Crowley said...

Bach is still influential, along with other oldies. The point is that Clapton and Lombardo are virtual contemporaries, now, in 2010.