Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Terms: Winter Clench, Still Actor, Pettered

Along the way our wonderful English language provides us with many creative opportunities to express ourselves in new ways.  And as the internet allows us to see more writings of people we also can become aware of cliches more easily.  So there is a good reason to continue to try new things and even make up new words or names, such as we did with Naked Eye, Roswellite, and New55.

Here are the latest:

Ruined, in a bad way
This term comes from the last name of Petters, who ruined Polaroid, its stockholders, and pensioners in a particularly bad way. 

"After I changed the tire on the New Jersey Turnpike, my suit was completely pettered"

Still Actor
An actor who is seen in the production of still images.
This term fills the gap between conventional stage, TV or screen actors, and "models" to describe significant and intentional artistic participation in the creation process.

Winter clench
A condition where people who are subjected to cold Winter weather start to become tense, tight, and introverted. A term to describe the holding of a coat closed in a cold, bitter wind, often with a grimace.


T.W. Day said...

I think my "winter clench" is turning into something more serious. Even Florida is beginning to look good.

Bob Crowley said...

Oh no, not Florida!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday April 9th in the business section of the NYTimes it was reported that Tom Petters age 52 was sentenced to 50 years in jail. The long sentence was for orchestrating a 3.7 Billion dollar Ponzi scheme involving investors in a phony consumer finance company. The finance company was supposed to lend to consumers who would purchase high end consumer electronics such as big screen TV but apparently never lent any money at all.

Perhaps it is a fitting end for a man who bears responsibility as much as anyone for the destruction of Polaroid. Tom Petters pettered himself. N1IPP