Friday, August 13, 2010

Sneak Preview! RFvenue's Diversity Fin tm Antenna

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Most people are unaware that RF and antenna design and testing that has been conducted at Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc over the last several years, under the soon-to-be-launched RFvenue product line.  True to RFvenue’s goal to make wireless performance setups and clarity easier to use, with better signal quality, and with improved reliability under all conditions, the Diversity Fin tm  antennas are now in field trials.

Unlike ordinary “fin” type antennas, the Diversity Fin tm antenna incorporates polarization and space-diversity reception, and does it without noise-generating amplifiers, bias tees, and the usual maze of wires that crews have to deal with.  Two feedlines from the Diversity Fin tm antenna easily attach “under the hood” and can be routed to any diversity receiver, or a combiner.

The advantage of the Diversity Fin tm antenna is clear: Only one antenna module is needed for dropout reduced reception at many smaller events, indoors or out.  And rain won’t bother it – the hood is actually a working part of the antenna, creating a dielectric airspace in the event of rain or snow, and makes sure you won’t have to unpack it or pack it up in a separate case when the gig is over.  All those separate and easily lost pieces are a thing of the past!

Note the neat protruding whip antennas, and the secure pole attachment, designed to fit all 1/4-20, 3/8-16 or 5/8-16 pole or mic stand mounts.  Are there any others on the planet? I don’t think so!
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