Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DSPdoctor is the place for gear and more

Where can you go for 24 hour on call supply of expertise and the finest selected recording gear, software and systems, staffed by persons known-to-me as having years, maybe decades, of steering customers to the good stuff?  Call DSP Doctor, the only doctor I know who still wears steampunk goggles to hide his eyes, with his bemusing hairstyle and enigmatic smile, telling, but never letting on just how clever he really is.

"Pro Gear and Advice for the Modern Recording Studio" he says, and rightly so, because signal processing is everything, or at least some of it, anyway it's important! Wait, what am I saying??  Analog backlash notwithstanding, we have to be smart about combining the likes of say, a Bock Microphone, an NPNG preamp, and all that digital horsepower under the hood of a Macbook and make it all work to crank out some real music (while avoiding Indie Dirge, the Thomas Kinkade effect on sound, but rockin, and kickass).  Anyway go here. Buy something and then relax because you got the right thing on the way, not some unknown whatever.

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Doctor who?
Is he a