Saturday, February 25, 2012

Diversity Fin Antenna solves longstanding problems with indoor wireless

The enthusiastic response and fast sales of the Diversity Fin Antenna have been gratifying, to say the least. Most users appreciate the convenience and performance aspects:

1. Single stand

2. Orthogonal elements virtually eliminate cross polarization nulls.

3. Superior signal constancy within the field of use.

4.Non-critical positioning relative to the stage.

5. Forward biased bidirectional dipole 90 degrees from the plane of the substrate - the dipole is not an omni (see specs here)

6. Uncorrelated orthogonally polarized LPDA with minimal cross coupling.

7. Works with all two branch systems and even with two antenna phased array systems (those that switch phase of two spaced apart antennas to provide a positive signal)

8. Safety. If it falls over, there are no sharp or hard edges to damage equipment or other objects. The corners of the dielectric cover is padded, and the cover doubles as a travel case.

9. Stows by just folding the dipole into the stow position.

10. Price

11. Polarization diversity is rapidly being adopted by telecoms, land mobile systems, urban communication systems and other RF transmission equipment due to its superior signal constancy with virtually no tradeoff  (typically 1 dB) in gain. (see this paper for a good read on why this is)

12. Designed using current Human Factors Design principles by a team with over 4 decades of antenna design experience, and over 30 antenna related patents.

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