Monday, April 28, 2008

Audio Fanzine Review of el Diablo Mercenary Edition

Audio Fanzine is an online gear extravaganza featuring product info and reviews of many new recording and music products.

Here is the review.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dubway Studios NYC

Dubway's Mike Crehore
was kind enough to write me about his experiences with Naked Eye and so I checked out Dubway's impressive website: Dubway looks to me like the kind of place where things get done right, and great things too, such as a Grammy this year, and a very impressive list of clients that you need to look at here. Click here. Do it. It even includes The Backyardigans!

Dubway's flash site makes it a little hard for me to swipe images but I did manage to grab the blueprint above, and if you click on it, it brings you to Dubway's homepage.

Naked Eye get Five Star Review at

It's always nice to read a good review after putting a lot of work and effort into a product, and in this case it's especially nice as the reviewer has apparently put a good deal of thought into the review and has mentioned how medical device design has influenced - in our case helped - in the design of new recording ribbon microphones.

Naked Eyes are pretty much the perennial best seller, with customers only having to choose between the Classic and the Roswellite versions. It's good to have choices that make sense: The Naked Eye Classic costs far less than its nearest competitor which is also a well-known microphone. The Naked Eye Roswellite costs the same as that competing mic, yet you get a Roswellite ribbon that will not break, and a lifetime warranty - even on the ribbon!.

Anyway enough self-congratulatory verbiage - here's the review.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Corporate Escapees

I thought I wrote this article for Pro Sound News Asia.

Here it is in the US. I had no idea it was going to run here. Hope our friends at Boston Scientific don't read it the wrong way - we got a great education and made many friends there.

Link to the article entitled; "Corporate Escapees".

Here is the ProSound Asia version. Notice how it has been edited - English style English with "colour", and also a generally nice editing job.