Monday, June 30, 2008

500th Post on

The now-famous Hofner Verithin, shown in hi-rez. Hofner aficionados will notice that the knobs look stock, but that the inserts are not. That's the bridge that was on it when I bought it from Tom Allman. This is the same 1962 Verithin that we show in our banners and in various places on our website and in print. Click on the image to view the patina.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Chladni Day! June 29

Click here for some animations that are related to the work of Chladni. Think about how they relate to the motions of microphone elements.

Chladni Day is celebrated on June 29 in Massachusetts, Maine, and Puerto Rico. This year Chladni Day falls on a Sunday, so we won't be having any gala event at the lab, however, you should know that the work of Chladni continues on today! Chladni was the scientist who determined that meteorites were of extraterrestrial origin. His studies in acoustics are fundamental to the field and led to the basis of the mathematics used to describe "forbidden modes", very important in Quantum Mechanics.

Here is a link to a previous post about Chladni. Enjoy!

What is this?

This "Alien Gun" image looks like it is made out of old microphone parts. I spotted it - here - well worth a look! - and if you are the owner of this please allow me to show it, as it is very artistic indeed! The knuckle is like many 60s era Electrovoice and Shure mics, but the handle looks more like a Webcor/Webster tape recorder mic or maybe some communications-style mic. Details please!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Analog Planet

There are many motifs being developed today to reflect the appeal of hollow state and vintage recording devices, tube technology, and the styles that grew up with them. Drew Townson isn't a dealer of Crowley and Tripp but I thought that you ought to see this symmetrical, formal Art Deco or Art Moderne (more like it) inspired logo he has developed. It seems to me to have a blend of the Collins winged emblem and Fritz Laing's Metropolis in there, specifically, Maria's "body panels". The bisected reverse neon saturn, shown edge-on, is a nicely atomic, simple and sharp. We use a similar vertically extended font which is stylized and often associated with pre-war advertising.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Researchers: "Ice and more seen in Mars trench at Ashland MA laboratory"

Click on the image for a close up time-lapse animation
Ashland, MA June 20, 2008: Researchers at a Massachusetts-based laboratory have been studying recent images from Mars and have commented on the images of Martian ice, including their interest in the shape of an outlined object revealed in today's images. "The outline of the ice-rich area indicates an area of high ice density relative to the surrounding soil" remarked Robert J Crowley of Soundwave Research Laboratories, who works primarily in medical imaging. "When we see a well defined outline surrounding an area we think is wet, we know we are looking at some boundary condition" he said. "After the ice sublimates or evaporates, there is a distinct dark area within the border, something that was present with the ice, something with low reflectivity, such as carbon, or oxidized materials, or it could simply be that after the ice dissipates, small voids comprise a less dense surface with low relative reflectivity."

Crowley thinks there could be even more to it. "There is a slight chance we are looking at the outline of more complex chemical processes that have been laying frozen for centuries, or longer" remarked Crowley, who had previously identified sinkholes on Mars from sets of Mars Orbiter images, which he studies. "The reason for the sharp boundary has to be explained. What mechanism could be responsible for such a clear edge surrounding what appears to be an ice-rich center?"

A previous observation by lab researchers is posted here. And here there is more reason for us to keep looking at things that NASA might miss. The next SkyCrane lowered Mars Rover will have a fantastic array of equipment and experiments onboard. Mars is alive - at least with Robots from Earth! Learn about the Curiosity Mars rover and its unique Sky Crane landing in this infographic.
Source: All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

Monday, June 16, 2008

Darron and Wes at PotLuckCon

Michael Chiriac (Cascade Microphones) was kind enough to send me this nice shot of Darron Burke (Makeshift Studio, Boston) and Wes Dooley (AEA) in front of the Crowley and Tripp table last week.

Darron brought along his DB-1, which was, secretly, the very first Naked EYe with Roswellite, but in another color, and we didn't tell Darron, just asked him to give it a try. He brought along the Roswellite Phantom Menace (tm) Video too, and played it on his Mac, to the astonishment of those who know what happens to ribbons that are stretched so far they pop out of the magnet structure. Fortunately, for this Roswellite demo, the ribbon just snaps back and recovers its shape, which it is designed to do.

We had a good time at this show which is always a friendly one with plenty of conviviality.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Headphone Measurements from McGill

Here is an interesting set of measurements of popular "pro" headphones from McGill University that will send curvemeisters spinning.

Look at what they got from the MDR 7506. Compare that with the Bose. The slopes are so radically different that it is no wonder we are hearing absurdly high freq EQ and mastering treatment in some recordings.

On the other hand, one could question the measurement methods. You decide

Here it is.

Layout Instructions - Wet

Getting an idea across over the telephone can be impossible, and you need a picture. We were in Kauai at the time this was done and we have continued to use this layout or the same flipped left to right in Sound on Sound and Performer print ads.

The wet spots ad a nice touch, I think. It had just rained and the sun was coming back out, and I was eager to get the shot done and go back to Poipu Beach.

Here is the result.

Box Weights and Measures

This Crowley and Tripp vertical storage box is used to ship the Studio Vocalist, Soundstage Image, el Diablo, and Proscenium ribbon microphones. Here it is on the scale getting weighed in. Our old box was made of rare endangered American Cherry and now we have rare endangered mahogany or the like same as used in a lot of musical instruments. Believe me, if I could get these in White Pine, from Cow Hampshire or Ver-Mont, I'd do it, but there ain't nobody to make them in these parts anymore. So, these come from the South - Pawtucket Rhode Island to be exact.

Joni 7

Who knew she had her own 7 transistor radio? The little pair to the left and right aren't so bad either. In the back, the ever present Mcgoohan and his damned Village. Grenada is finally doing a remake of the series, I hear, with PMG slated for a cameo. Perhaps he will be Rover? Or maybe one of those rotating busts with the TV camera eyes?

Oh honey you turn me on
I'm a radio
I'm a country station
I'm a little bit corny
I'm a wildwood flower
Waving for you
Broadcasting tower
Waving for you

And I'm sending you out
This signal here
I hope you can pick it up
Loud and clear

Bloozman in Blue

Bloozman sent this great blue-faced shot to me a while back. Great hat huh? Check out his other gear below.

Bloozman's Strat and Kustom Amp

People come across this blog in google searches and stumble on things like the ubiquitous Hofner Verithin and other guitar-related items, and then send me pictures of their cool looking gear.

Such was the case with someone I only know as Bloozman. He sent this red on red image for us to enjoy.

Thanks, Bloozman!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Latch Lake should consider this new stand design

Jeff Roberts at Latch Lake Products is a friend and has an excellent sense of humor, so I thought I'd make this product recommendation to him.

Here it is supporting a nice Western Electric carbon microphone, which sounded crackly and hissy as the high voltage across the carbon granules spit and sparked in the early days of broadcast radio.

None of that seems to matter to this determined violist.

Billie Holiday at the Library of Congress

Is that a Shure 55c?

Images from the Library of Congress are available in very high resolution sometimes. Their vast collection of photos, printed matter, film and other ephemera such as maps, is quite large. Eventually, someday, you will be able to explore the entire archives online. Until then, you can just watch what they put up from time to time, like this gem.

Crowley and Tripp Ribbon Microphone Transformer

Here's a close up of the transformer we use in all of our microphones. This is a custom wound, double shielded low loss transformer that has a response that is usable from 10Hz to about 1 MHz. If we sold these separately, we'd have to charge about $300 each, so don't even ask. Fortunately, we make enough of them to put in the mics. These transformers are unique and unlike any other ribbon microphone transformer.

A ribbon mic transformer must be properly matched to the specific ribbon motor, so even if you had this transformer, it would not necessarily be optimal for a given ribbon mic.

This is where Potluck Con will not be

We're headed to Nawlins this year for the continuation of the dubiously named TapeOpCon that is now even more puzzlingly named Potluck Con. If you didn't know all about it, you'd think it was a food show. Perhaps this year it will be!

New Orleans is so famous for its food that for years the society of gasteroenterologists has their big meeting there every year, and called it "Digestive Disease Week". What a party that was!

I must admit I will miss Tucson, dry and parched, the big sky and the numerous hummingbirds at the golfie resort hotel el Conquistador where Tape Op Con was held for two years. It was a funny site to see all the black garbed basement studio types exposed to Tucson's blazing sun,but they got used to it, and last year the outdoor concert, the firepit cocktail fest, and the overall scene was just wonderful. And not all that terribly hot either.

The report from New Orleans: Today, 90, nighttime low, 77, humidity 70% and very muggy. Tomorrow, more of the same. Next week, the same, plus some thunderstorms. Highs near 93.

EndoSonic Innuendo!

Here is a picture of an old brochure from Boston Scientific showing an ultrasound catheter that Hugh and I developed depicted in something that could be an esophageal stricture. Nice eh?

The artist who did this is a great painter and I cannot remember her name right now. In any case, what you are being shown is a cutaway view of a muscular lumen flanked with what looks to be veins in blue and arteries in red. Somebody tell me where I am in this one!

The catheter is made of plastic and that little umbrella thing is a way to show the scanning of a very small ultrasound transducer that spins inside of the plastic, and projects an ultrasound beam at the tissue, and that produces a cross section image. Doctors use that image to see blockages and plan their next course of action.

This thing is from the mid 90s and is an antique. We are getting back into this field in a big way soon, and that's on reason why I have slacked off a bit on the blog. By the way, I think this is post number 476!

el Diablo Mercenary Edition in Stainless Steel

Takes the heat and stays stain-free in the fire, this solid stainless steel version of the infamous Mercenary Edition el Diablo is the alternative for those who want the classic Crowley and Tripp colors with their indestructible ribbon microphone.

Position your cursor thusly and click here to get to Mercenary to see it again next to its black and gold brother.