Thursday, July 31, 2008

Questions and comments

From gearslutz: So it seems that the NE is a great mic for electric guitars. But how do you like it for acoustic stringed instruments (steel- and nylon string guitars, mandolin, violin)? Is the NE less noisy than e.g. a AEA R84 (often I record very quiet sources using a Forsell SMP-2 pre)? Have you tried M/S with the NE (I know due to it's dual voicing it's not ideal for this)? Are there better ribbons for this than the NE (or the NE roswellite)? Has anbody compared the NE to a Royer (R122, R121 or SF1)?

Would you prefer the roswellite over the classic for this applications (if yes: why?)?


I use mine for classical guitar and also the Japanese end blown flute. Both are soft instruments. I know violin players who will only use Naked Eye.

The NE classic and Ros are less noisy than the 84, and have more output.

I tried NE on blumlien and it works ok. I don't see any reason that it would not work in M-S though there may be timbre differences across the sound field. There are more symmetrical "better" mics such as the Proscenium.

I have compared them to the 121. As far as tone goes, the front of the Naked Eye is quite similar in tone to a 121. The back is far brighter. Naked Eye Roswellite has a much higher SPL and dynamic range.

The Naked Eye classic has a self noise of about 13 dB and the Roswellite version is about 1 dB more than that as it has a slightly higher terminal Z. I prefer the Roswellite version as it has a much stronger ribbon and will be worth more in the future, but in quiet situations it is very hard to tell the two apart.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Invention of Roswellite Expected to Produce Rapid Growth in Ribbon Mic Segment

Ashland, MA August 1, 2008:

Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc., producers of Crowley and Tripp Ribbon Microphones, today announced that it expects rapid market growth in the ribbon microphone category, primarily due to its invention and introduction of the new nanomaterial "Roswellite" tm that overcomes the long standing durability problems inherent in all previous ribbon microphones.

"The invention of Roswellite is a breakthrough that was made possible through a concentrated materials development program alongside a focused product and market development mission" said Robert J Crowley, president of the company. "What was once a niche segment is poised to grow and compete head-to-head with condenser and dynamic microphones for virtually any sound pickup application, and now is growing at a very rapid rate of over 20% annually".

Crowley also thinks that the status-quo will soon be eclipsed; "Ribbon technology is finally durable, repeatable and manufacturable in modern production environments to maintain the highest quality standards" he said. "The larger manufacturers have avoided the service problems that are associated with the "foils". Roswellite is so much stronger, and yet produces a sound as good or better than traditional-but-fragile materials."

Chris Regan, Product Manager of Crowley and Tripp Ribbon Microphones, sees a quadrupling of the ribbon market in a relatively short time. "Most current ribbon microphones are sold through smaller sales channels and serve minor markets, but all that has changed with the introduction of Roswellite. Ribbons have gone from a "nice to have" to a "must have", he said. Regan asserts that the market potential is quite large, claiming every musician with a computer who wants to make a high quality recording represents a possible customer, and observed that ribbon microphones are increasingly becoming the preferred tool of choice for many vocalists, guitarists, percussionists, as well as traditional string and brass musicians. "We are experiencing a very rapid change where skilled artists select all of their instruments, including the specific recording gear" he added.

Hugh Tripp, co-founder of Soundwave, made additional observations based on his experience making precision medical devices: "The Roswellite material obsoletes the old materials, and we are seeing that our customers are readily accepting it" he remarked. "It was time for an improvement, and this is the first fundamental improvement to any of the major microphones types in several decades. We are in a happy place today."

Crowley and Tripp Microphones are made in Ashland MA by people who know the art and science of acoustics. Roswellite-equipped ribbon microphones include Naked Eye Roswellite ($1295) and el Diablo ($2750) premium ribbon microphones.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ajax Ray O Vaque Schedules New Release

Click on the image for a close up view of the collection. Click on this link for more stuff.

From Anthony Resta's Blog:

"Wednesday, July 16, 2008

new ajax ray o vaque cd release date

July 2008

This thanksgiving...Ajax Ray O Vaque will release (the much anticipated by white dwarf stars everywhere) his follow-up to the critically forgotten "Demos of Saturn" recordings that defined the sci-fi mambo sound.

The album will be released on thanksgiving day 2008 unless an asteroid with the name "Earth" embroidered
on its jacket collides with and subsequently destroys all that we see, feel, know, think, etc...

Side effects may include extinction after bouncing around the universe like a superball. (this includes your basketball-like head that the universe will quickly slam dunk through a black hole of bad sitcom t.v.)

If you are one of those hypo talka talka radio dj heads who has assigned yourself importance after laughing at 89 percent of your dumb jokes, your head will fly further than the average joes...

skull cracking earth crushing joke stopping asteroid impact = no cd release or thanksgiving.

Too much peering through the Hubble telescope and not enough "*******" make ajax a dull sci-fi mambo

Prepare for sonic alchemy or to join the ranks of fossils!!!!