Friday, December 26, 2008

What is B Stock?

Sometimes you hear about deals on so-called "B Stock" items and you might wonder what it is.

A B-Stock product is a product that for some reason cannot be sold as "New". B Stock includes used items that have been returned, or defective items that have been fixed. Often in places like you will see items listed as "refurbished". This is essentially the same as B Stock in that the item has been checked by someone and usually carries a "new" warranty, but not always.

B Stock items might have small marks, wear, be missing some packaging, or have other minor defects that may be visible or invisible. It could also be items that made it to the package but fail in other ways, such as cosmetic marks, or have some other small-ish problem. How important is that? High speed tires = important. Galvanized pails, who cares?

So if you see "B Stock" or refurbished, you can equate that with "used". Used is not necessarily bad. How many of us have brand new everything in our lives? Not many. I personally could be considered "used" but perhaps not completely used up.

I like to think the B stands for something different! A male cow, a large sausage! Why don't they just say used? That car on the lot - "previously owned".

We don't sell anything marked "B Stock". This probably does not surprise you.

There is also a class of stock called "Class B Stock" that has nothing to do with products. It is a type of share that founders of companies sometimes have that brings special privileges or powers. That's not what this post is about

Ice Dams

Here in beautiful Ashland MA we have the usual wintry freezing snowy weather known in the high latitudes. Last week we got about 18" of powder over a two-day period and it was cold, so all the melting snow on the metal roof of Soundwave Research Plaza hardened into an icy mass, and backed up through the roof, then down two floors to the machine shop.

Here is a Haas MiniMill being protected by a 0.002" thick PE film. You gotta love polymeric films. Their impervious nature is exactly what is needed for all kinds of products and applicances in so many fields.

Or, you can use them to deflect water. Note the missing ceiling tile in the upper left. This fell in a sudden gooey plop just as I approached it. I had just come from Shaw's parking lot, where a woman hit me with her car while I was walking in the lot. Wham! That hurt. Then she called 911 and reported "...a man on the ground in the parking lot". Indeed! Talk about personal responsibility! Enough ranting for the moment. Merry Christmas!

2009 - the year of Roswellite.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Red Red Red

In time for the Holidays. A Christmas Red el Diablo box lined with elfin violet felt, and with a Santa-friendly super tough Roswellite Ribbon inside a stainless steel body.

What a nice gift for that special someone!

ONE available.

From the custom shop.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mr. Peabody and the WayBack Machine

Peabody here.

Sherman, set the WayBack machine to when we first released the Studio Vocalist and place the link here.

Mr. Peabody, the glasses-wearing beagle/academic, was one of my favorite characters on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

In Massachusetts, we have a town named Peabody, and a frequent visitor to the blog from Peabody. Except here we say "Peebidee" like chickadee, not "Pea Body". That Boston accent will mess with you if you don't know. We also have a town named Billerica, pronounced "Bill Ricka". Many newcomers have wondered who this Bill Ricka was.

Paying attention? Heads up on "foils". It is illogical for us to offer anything but the best to our customers. Since the success of Roswellite, and its several very obvious advantages, we are going to switch over to an all Roswellite product line in 2009. Naked Eye Roswellite together with el Diablo are a success, and account for most of our sales today. Naked Eye Roswellite's nearest price competitor is a "foil" mic that costs more, so we more often than not get the sale in a competitive situation. The Naked Eye Classic will become the Fender Broadcaster of Crowley and Tripp, and appreciate in value over time. El Diablo is available in a couple of different finishes, and at AES we showed Studio Vocalist Roswellite. Technology moves forward and so must we. Now that the new technology is in place, and everything is set, getting it to the customer has become the priority. Getting anything "in the channel" is crucial to commercial success of course, especially as production quantities increase. There are several traditional ways and some nontraditional ways to do this. We tend to follow what we have learned from past successes in the medical device industry.

Friday, December 05, 2008


Each Naked Eye Ribbon Microphone comes with one of these knurled fittings made of chrome plated brass with a female thread of 5/8-27 and a male thread of 3/8-16. We continue to use the English system in most, but not all, of what we do. Although metric is convenient, it lacks the tradition, history, and most important - the human scale of the English system, which is being outlawed in England!

But not here. In America, we can use cubits if we like. (Though ISO and ANSI would give us some trouble).


Seaver Leslie is the head of Americans for Customary Weight and Measures. The idea is that the scale and proportions of everything around us are greatly influenced by the measurement systems used. For instance, a pound of ham, or a kilo of ham - very different. A 4 by 8 sheet of plywood just isn't the same in metric proportions. It's not about numbers, but art, culture, and history. The English system is scaled to humans. The metric system is scaled to the globe - also valid, but I think quite a bit less connected personally.

Don't get me wrong, I am not some Luddite who clings to the old or doctrinaire. On the contrary, we seek out the new, unusual and useful, and work in microns all the time, and nanometers and Kilohertz and other metricized quantities as we wish, all the time.

Smoother & Better!

2nd Staff of Tokyo - a great dealer - has gone all the way on their website:

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