Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wendy Mittelstadt WENDYWAVES

Link here. Well worth a listen! Wendy uses a custom Naked Eye. Check out Common Thrill which uses a lot of our mics.

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Do not move to Kauai. It is a terrible place to be, with little to do except play the Japanese end-blown flute, or shakuhachi, and endure the endless sun and trade winds.

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Links to More on Nanotubes and Crowley and Tripp Microphones

Saturday, January 10, 2009


With the problem of so-called white spaces, RF ingress, interference from cellphones, and other "unintended operation" and general RF pollution out there, I have started to do a deep dive into RF shielding and interference mitigation techniques, including reduction in co channel interference in wifi, wireless mics, and bluetooth systems. In the meantime, here is a link to some posts about interference.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

X-ray Head Holders

This is an actual product shot of vacuum head holders made and sold in the 70s used for positioning heads and other body parts on an X-ray table. It is important to have the correct orientation and position on the table to get a good, clear X-ray image.

These were manufactured in Needham MA on Hillside Avenue for many years at Scholz X-ray Corp. I worked there while attending college designing and making other types of X-ray equipment such as spot film apparatus, and collimator controls, which led to other products used in Radiology, such as ultrasound, then acoustics in general, catheter ultrasound known as IVUS (which we invented as used today) and then made a left turn over to microphones while working on 3VUS.

The pearls, and her calm, vacuous expression, somehow perfectly match the function of the device.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

blogabout blogs

Happy New Year to all, and of course this is the time many people start anew or swear they will. 2009 will be important for Soundwave Research as we complete some of the missions we have started and begin some new ones.

One area we are proud of is the entire revamping we've done with ribbon microphones. Not only did we solve the low output problems, noise and even make ribbons do the duties previously done by some condenser mics, but we have also made them so much more durable, that we can predict a fourfold increase in ribbon microphone usage over a relatively short time period, and we have in this press release.

What we've done to disrupt the ribbon microphone segment has been a real game-changer: I know of no other fundamental improvements to microphones of any kind over the last several decades (with the exception of MEMS microphones) as important as the invention of Roswellite, and the technology that supports it.

Our commercial success in this area is gratifying since we did it to escape the corporate grind at lumbering Boston Scientific, and became "Corporate Escapees" that
you can read about here.

While we have not exactly found the cure for cancer, we did do some minor work in that area too, and helped researchers listen to the sound of sick cells. Work in that area is talked about here, continues from time to time, and it will probably will pick up as medical is usually strong during a recession.

Another important area that we have made significant progress is in 3VUS - Third Generation Vascular Ultrasound. It has been mentioned here from time to time.

I have about ten or eleven different blogs, some which are just accumulations of hobby type activities such as Imagemeister, or collections of freind's photos such as NewtonHighlands. Still some remain in the so-called Nano fields, this one having more to do with Carbon Nanotubes than anything else.

All this blogging would leave little time for work, or so it would seem, but in fact the opposite has been true -- by daily or regular writing and chronicling progress, more progress is indeed made, new ideas come up and get discussed in various circles, and opportunities are found. I've even become political - and at the risk of revealing my strong Libertarian attitude, here is a link to yet another blog - this one laying down various positions and views pertinent to the town and region I live in. No plans on getting into politics I assure you!

I even put up a little blog of my mother's artwork. She is a prolific artist, and this is just a small sample.