Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That Cat

The weird cat with the semi-human face and multiple Crowley and Tripp fur bikini logos escaped from the lab at 4:36 pm. Anyone who spots this sphinx-like speckled creature should regard it carefully and maintain a comfortable distance.

During The Great Flood, the Cat held its position, surrounded by pools of flowing, dripping water, but not a drop ever reached its papier mache hide. Very strange, we thought. Since that time, we have had a somewhat mixed reaction to the sight of the Cat, and even kept him hidden in a cupboard - out of view - for a few months. He wil be missed, but not very much.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Breaker Break

Amazingly stylish in a leisure-suit and Cadillac Escalade sort of way, this Cobra CB microphone is just the thing to pimp your ride and match all that fake wood on your dashboard. The curvy thing is a guard to protect the mic from mustache wax and to allow extra space for at least some of the chewing tobacco juice to exit before fouling the element.

Also available in rich Corinthian Leather.

Not to be used in a Prius.

Mega-Microphones on Parade

Actual horn-type microphones or maybe just giant ear trumpets used to aim skyward to detect the sound of distant aircraft and shelling, circa WW1. These amazing Tubas-Gone-Wild were quite impressive and if you could find one would make an excellent addition to the home studio. Imagine having to listen to these, without the benefit of limiting or compression.

Creepy Ears!

Way ahead of Halloween is the creepiest stereo microphone ever offered. This very expensive BLUE camcorder mic has blue ears that look like they are old man ears, without lots of ear hair. For more information about this wonderful invention, click here.

It took 50 years...

for humans to completely pollute space.