Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Microsoft's Bluetooth Mouse

I was shopping for a wireless mouse online, and spotted this artfully sculpted device.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

first played in 1974

Soon the podiums and laptops will be gone too, and eventually the drab four will also self eliminate.

A celebration of automation, nostalgia for urbanization and early congestion. Watch it full screen with your headphones on and let the roots of your technology culture activate remaining emotions.

KSM313 looks familiar to me!

What have we here? Very handsome indeed, with the very cool logo which to me looks like some kind of ribbon motif.

Shure Inc. is the first major microphone manufacturer to re-enter the ribbon market. Roswellite is such a durable ribbon material that it passes Shure's incredibly high durability standards.

All in all, a perfect match.

It is indeed very satisfying to see Naked Eye graduate into the global marketplace - sort of like signing with a big label, when that still meant something. Even though "things will never be the same", that's what change and success are made of.

Our world is ever changing. Static, unchanging brands and technologies will always be threatened by the inexorable change that time alone brings upon us. That's why I try to be on the side of making change, rather than reacting to it, and see the completion of one change as simply the beginning of yet another.

Here is a link to the product on Shure's website