Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ray Ceaser and an Ear Trumpet

Canadian Ray Ceaser is among the few contemporary surrealists who have managed to preserve the classic super-realist idea in purely digital form.

His art, like that of Dali, Duchamp, Ernst and many others, is intentionally shocking and/or disturbing, in a selective way, and contrasted with norms of beauty. In music today, we have manneristic surrealism all around, especially in Death Metal, where vile sonic images of crushing doom might be decorated with delicate jazz riffs, for those who are paying attention.

The ear trumpet was an early hearing aid, probably first used thousands of years ago, but we cannot be sure. See Ray Ceaser's interpretation.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DIY Rat Clone Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal - The Dead RAT - More DIY How To Projects

Check out this crazy ear! has a very bizarre and slightly disturbing animated flash ear that opens their website. As I recall, when I was a young lad, Mr. Peanut (go here to see further weirdness) scared me in a similar way. Creepy Ears also have this quality.

But seriously, you had better follow Mr. EarBud's advice: We had far too many professional musicians, engineers and producers visit the lab who failed to hear the many sneaky, secret test tones that I have around here. We have had some very young ears in here too, and they failed to hear even a moderately loud 18 KHz tone, so it should be no surprise that none of the adults heard it, and most did not hear the TV horizontal oscillator frequency either. A large few heard very little above 10 KHz.

I think it's a dirty little secret that so many sound pros have significant hearing deficits. It explains to me why certain recordings have cranked up treble beyond reason. Use your ears! (But protect them for later use!)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Heil's new mics colored according to familiar scheme

Not surprising that a successful black and red color scheme would be picked up by other manufacturers.

Here is a link.

I met with Bob Heil at TapeOp, a few years ago, and chatted with him and Lynn Fuston. Lynn's 3D Audio site has a couple of interviews that you can listen to.

Here's a short mp3 but not what you might expect with this post.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Winslow Burhoe's Silent Speakers

Micha Schattner and Herb Singleton, both frequent attendees of the Boston Audio Society, told me about Winslow Burhoe's Silent Speakers. Herb said, "I can't believe how much bass he gets out of them". Herb does not exaggerate.

Micha said today, "I think they are incredible" and as we chatted I simply went online here, to Burhoe's site, and pre-ordered them with paypal, my favorite money hose and spigot.

Yes, I bought without hearing, on reputation alone.

Soon, perhaps, we will see (or hear) what these are all about, so expect an update, eventually. Perhaps to hasten the arrival of the speakers all the way from Weston, MA (practically the next town over from where I live) I will let Mr. Burhoe know about the great free advertising on this page.